Let the journey commence… (Part 1 of 2)

For over 10 years the discussion of having children has been the talk over coffee, dinner, cocktails and driving around the country, so what makes this so special?  Having children was always in our future.  We spoke about it early on but just continued to live

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Thanks for stopping by…

You have stumbled upon not only a new blog but a new adventure for us.  We’re John and Brian, and we are starting the adoption process to adopt a child…(maybe children).  Please stick with us as you we tell you about each step we take, our thoughts, feelings and things-we’d-do-differently (don’t worry, we all have them).  The journey has just begun!!  If you have questions for us throughout the process, please feel free to let us know!  This is new for us as well so if you have any suggestions, we’re open to them!

Thanks again for stopping by and can’t wait to share our next journey!